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World’s #1 interactive platform specialized for connecting maintenance managers and their valve suppliers


Beyond the Valve is much more than a platform,
it is the Solution for the 2 most time-consuming tasks of the maintenance directors:

Searching for the Best Price Offer
Managing all your paperwork (request for quotations, proposals, etc.)


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Beyond the Valve is the fastest and modern way to manage your paperwork and projects.

Scroll down and watch the video below to see how it works

Beyond the Valve is the FIRST platform ever developed for the industrial sector,
it helps Maintenance Managers and Valve Suppliers to work faster together.

Below, you can see the CEO, FJ Forestal, introducing BTV to a group of industry experts

Manage your paperwork and projects faster than ever

Connect to your suppliers in a whole new way



The video on the right is a MUST watch. It shows the BIG benefits of using BTV and how you can quickly get rid of your administrative tasks. It takes 6 minutes to watch, but will save you 1 day of paperwork per week.

1-min | Overview of Beyond the Valve

6 min | How BTV manages all your paperwork in detail

One platform where everything works together

post & reach | beyond the valve international | btv international

Post & Reach

choose & negotiate | beyond the valve international | btv international

Negotiate & Choose


Complete & Rate


Instead of searching across 50+ websites, YOUR suppliers will be searching for YOU
Connect to your suppliers in a modern way

• Send your quote to many suppliers in one click

• Compare your supplier proposals in one location, no need to organize emails and documents

• Manage all your projects in one location

• BTV manages all the paperwork for you



Investing in innovation doesn’t always mean infrastructure.

Using Beyond the Valve strengthen your relationship with your suppliers and create new synergy.


Work on one platform where everything works together.

From anywhere, Beyond the Valve assists in all aspects of  your  project.


The rating system makes the supplier much more accountable to the buyer.

The transaction becomes safer to the buyer, because it gives a way to assess the quality of the work.


Get more than a document management system, get a strategic partner.

Our company success is intimately tied to yours. BTV provides you with the necessary tools to communicate with your suppliers.



Procurement specialist, Ohio, USA

«Using BTV is too good to be true! When I first started, I was a bit skeptical, but now I would never go back. I can access everything in few clicks and it gives me more time to compare proposals, instead of wasting hours managing all the paperwork.»


Project delivery, San Diego, CA

«Beyond the Valve is a very powerful tool and as more as I use it, I realize that I couldn’t work without it. I gave it a try and I  created my own ecosystem of suppliers. Now, I have a better pool of suppliers that I can use, instead of searching for hours to find them.»


1 min | Basic course to get you started quickly

1 min | How to List your Valve Request

1 min | How to Navigate in Beyond the Valve

1 min | How Suppliers Bid on Projects

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